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Since joining Totteridge Cricket Club this season, I have really enjoyed working with Sid. In a short space of time, I have become a much more confident player. Sid, unlike most coaches, genuinely cares about the player and will spend time identifying any technical issues. Sid's ProThink diagnostic and Action Plan is clear, thorough and very easy to follow. It is very easy to identify the areas that one needs to improve on. In regards to my bating, Sid noted that I have the tendency to move away from the ball. Subtle variations in regards to my back foot movement ensured that I was able to hit the ball with more precision and intent. Also, in regards to my bowling, together we have created a gym plan that focuses on building a stronger upper and lower body. Sid invests time in each player; I look forward to working with him in the near future.

Ronak M Shah - North London

We first saw the coach in Sid at the cricket grounds of APCC and even then, it was clear that the thinking and the work which has gone building into the training routine was far more than the 90 minutes on the ground. He had a process, he had a plan, and then he could explain most skills to kids in 4 steps...and all of this on an individual player basis with videography, detailed notes & action plan for prep work away from the ground! Sid corrects the technical skills (problem statement), demonstrates how to master them in practise (Action Plan) and then provides psychological guides to execute skills under testing conditions (Resilience). Sid is technically proficient, individually engaged, a patient but persistent teacher and we recommend his coaching services.

Anubhav Vaish - North West London 

Sid' ProThink diagnostic and methodology helped me develop a technique to marry milestones & processes with the goal of "equity" within my business portfolio. The goal seems achievable now, with the correct amount of focus on the actions. The distinctive advantage of this model is the positive effect of focusing on your end-goal without forgetting what is needed to get there!

Jay Shah - West London

I highly recommend Sid as he helped me focus and develop my public speaking profile. ProThink plan gives a structure to the ideas and improves focus on the tasks. Upon initial meetings, Sid follows up regularly; his telephone calls are timely, encouraging, target driven and conversation is summarised by an email afterwards. Sid acts like an excellent mentor and a manager who is always positive. 

Warren Sheng - North West London